Delivering real-world software that offers real value


Every project is unique, but all benefit from the knowledge gained in each of them.

What our bespoke software can do

Replace a manual, time-consuming and error-prone process with a website and a database.

Automating a business process.

Complex processes

Communicating with other computers.

Reaching your audience.

Previous and ongoing projects

We have implemented and improved a diverse array of products, projects and systems, including:

Languages and Technologies

Most of our projects are written in Python/Django, with a Postgres or Mysql database backend, using an Apache2 or Nginx webserver, and running on Ubuntu.

Some technologies which we work with frequently are:
php python java apache2 mysql linux
wordpress ruby rails windows django android apple

We also work in variants of this stack, or with different languages altogether, where this is appropriate either because of specific constraints, where we are joining or replacing an existing development team, or where the particular technology has a compelling advantage in the context of the solution.


Software languages and technologies

Contact us

We like action, so simply pick a name for your project and a way to contact you and we'll call you back.


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